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Friday, December 19

Fancies & Fascinations | Peter Hollens' "I See Fire"

Friday, December 19

As one is prone to do while traipsing through the Internet, yesterday I stumbled across a new to me video cover. It's by Peter Hollens, who apparently is quite famous on YouTube for his epic a capella covers. This cover, of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug soundtrack, is one of his more recent covers ... and it is ah-mazing.

Warning: The video's a bit awkward. It's just a whole bunch of shots of Peter singing. And although he's an attractive dude, it can be weird to watch someone singing up close and personal. It is kind of cool, however, to see all the various parts come together.

(Here's the original, in case you'd like to have a listen. It's also very good.)

I listened to this on repeat, at much too loud of a volume, for most of the afternoon. It's just so sweeping and grand and beautiful and I can't quite believe the human voice can do such things.

I also listened to a bunch of Peter's other songs. I was having a frustrating day yesterday, and it was cathartic to listen to powerful songs on high volume and block the world out for a bit. A Spotify playlist of his self-titled album is below; there are many more covers on Spotify as well.

So good, right?


  1. Coming from someone who loves the original, thanks so much for sharing this! I totally fancy it as well.

  2. LOVE Peter Hollens. He has an incredible voice. Check out his Star Wars video with Lindsey Stirling if you haven't! Silly fun....and of course Star Wars music. :D Actually, all of their collabs are pretty spiffy.

  3. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it. And I adore the original, too. The song's so fabulous.

  4. I didn't watch his videos (other than this one), but I did listen to the Star Wars medley. I'll have to look for the video! :)