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Friday, February 27

Haiku Revieu | The DUFF

Friday, February 27

Mae's a total gem
It's OK to be a DUFF
Yay for teen movies

A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier, more popular friends.

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.

There's something special about the classic "ugly duckling turns beautiful swan story," and there are many great instances of this sort of theme in popular culture, particularly in teen movies. (She's All That is a shining example from my actual teen years.) In the case of The DUFF, however, the trope is turned slightly on it's head, and in a very fun way.

The movie, which is based on a book by the same name by Kody Keplinger, is the story of Bianca, who finds out that she's the "DUFF" of her friends. (Even though she's neither fat nor ugly.) This discovery leads to her wanting to change and needing to do the unspeakable—i.e., play nice with the most popular guy in school, Wesley—to make that change. In the end, however, Bianca realizes that everyone has their DUFF qualities, and that's not actually a bad thing.

Mae Whitman, who plays Bianca, is an absolute delight. She adds an amazing amount of sass and silliness to a role that could have gotten stereotypical super fast. Robbie Amell, who plays Wesley, does well as both the man-whorish dumb jock and the surprisingly sweet guy. (Since they're both 26, they're obviously not teenagers, but this is pretty typically Hollywood these days.) The cast that backs up these two leads—Allison Janney and Ken Jeong, among others—are fantastic, too.

And although the whole idea of a DUFF makes me cringe a little (I understand wanting to take the term back in a good way, but it's still kind of awful), the movie's underlying message is a great one: Be who you are, regardless of what others think or say about it. Even at 31, I still appreciate hearing this sort of thing.

Check it out:

Tuesday, February 24

The Murtis 3.0 | Home, Sweet, Nerdy, Home

Tuesday, February 24

Over the weekend, we had a party at our new house, which means—as Colt put it—our house needed to look like we keep it immaculate all of the time. Although I rolled my eyes when he said it, the truth is that I don't like people to visit our home for the first time if it's looking it's best. (The second time they visit, all bets are off.)

The need to tidy also gave me an opportunity to take some photos of the new(ish) space. Since we moved in last October, we've been slowing making progress on making the place our own. We're not quite done yet—there are a few projects I know I'd like to tackle, and there are always more ideas floating around in my head. (Thanks, Obama Pinterest.) But it's close! And it's cute, if I do say so myself.

Below the jump are a slew of photos of The Murtis 3.0. (And sorry ahead of time for the somewhat poor quality of these photos. I am not a photographer.)

Tuesday, February 17

SQUEE! | New from Funko

Tuesday, February 17

Sorry for the radio silence lately—life's been busy! But I couldn't resist popping in to show y'all some of the awesome new products Funko revealed at the New York Toy Fair. (Much of which I want, natch.)

A little background, if you're not familiar with the brand—Funko makes pop culture figures(/toys), most famously the POP! Vinyl line. I have a pretty large and ever-growing collection of these figures (20+), and a few of their other products as well. I just can't resist the cuteness!

At the fair, Funko revealed new POP lines, including Harry Potter (!) and Doctor Who (!!).

If you can't wait until these hit stores, you can pre-order the collections now—HP here, DW here—at Entertainment Earth.

Also revealed:

Vinyl Sugar Dorbz:

A POP! home line, including mugs and salt and pepper shakers:

Super Deluxe Vinyls:

Mopeez stuffed toys:

So much Rocket and Groot! I love it.

I also love this giant Groot POP that welcomed people to their booth:

Think I can talk Colt into letting me have one of those?

For more on what the company announced at the fair, check out's recaps: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Tuesday, February 10

Nerd News | Spider-Man joins the Marvel movie 'verse + an all-lady Avengers team & new Daredevil trailer

Tuesday, February 10

There have been rumors floating around for a while now that Marvel and Sony have been in talks over joint custody of Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man. As of last night, the rumors are true—and Marvel is now free to make a SuperHusbands movie with Peter as the son* their own Spider-Man movie, and have him join with other familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) characters in other films.

According to Mashable:
An all-new Spider-Man (not starring Andrew Garfield) will appear in an as-of-yet undisclosed Disney/Marvel film, while a standalone Spidey movie will stay at Sony, though Marvel Studios will have a hand in the reboot of the reboot (also without Garfield).

Amy Pascal, who oversaw the franchise for 13 years before stepping down last week as co-chair of Sony, will co-produce the standalone Spider-Man film with Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige. That film already has a date: July 28, 2017.

Look at that release date again: It's just over a year from now, and yes, it is sending major ripples through plans that Marvel announced back in October: No less than four films that Marvel Studios already had in the pipeline are being pushed back to make room for Spidey.

Thor: Ragnarok, originally scheduled for July 28, 2017, moves back three months to November 3, 2017. Black Panther, originally set for for November 3, 2017, moves back eight months to July 6, 2018. Captain Marvel, originally set for July 6, 2018, moves back four months to November 2, 2018. And Inhumans, set for November 2, 2018, moves back eight months to July 12, 2019.

Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1, set for May 4, 2018; and Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2 on May 3, 2019, respectively, remain unchanged. Except for the fact that Spider-Man will probably be in them.

I think it's exciting that Spider-Man will be joining up with the rest of the team. What I'm not wholly on board with is the multitude of Spider-Man movies that will all be floating around because of this sharing. The Andrew Garfield-starring reboot of the Toby Maguire movies seemed too soon, and now there's a reboot of that reboot in the works as well as a completely separate movie? I'm a Spidey fan, but that seems like too much Spidey. (Unless one of them is going to be Miles Morales or something ...)

*Here are two more SuperFamily GIF sets, just because: 1, 2.

Also of note:
  • Marvel recently announced a new, all-female Avengers comic series. Who run the world?
  • Last week, a trailer for the new Netflix/Marvel series Daredevil was released. It's dark—both figuratively and literally. Other than that, I'm reserving judgement. I'd like to say it can't be worse than the movie with Ben Affleck, but I that would, sadly, likely be a lie.

Sunday, February 8

Over Coffee | 2.8.15

Sunday, February 8

For your consideration:

>> Why yes, I am one of these people: 11 reasons why people who followed the rules as kids are the most fun adults.

>> Oh, Texas: A 9-year-old boy has been suspended for threatening a classmate with the One Ring.

>> Hear, hear: Why it was a "bad week to be a shitty geek."

>> Excuse me while I go find my colored pencils: Psychologists have determined that the act of coloring de-stresses adults.1

>> It's a sad day: Queen Elizabeth says she is done adopting Corgis.

>> SCIENCE!: How the smell of rain actually comes from the ground.2

>> I want to see this movie so much more now: "Jupiter Ascending Is Like Battlefield Earth Without The Excuse Of Scientology."

>> It's not "all the lonely Starbucks lovers?": Why you hear lyrics wrong (particularly that line in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space").3

>> I need to try a few of these: 100 ways you can show self-love.1

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And now, your moment of GIF:

Original sources: 1 Hiya Tootsie!'s Weekly Badassery 01/26/15; 2 The Ann Friedman Weekly Smells like teen spirit; 3 My Life As a Teacup's Link Love

Monday, February 2

Nerd News | Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2 + Jurassic World Super Bowl trailers

Monday, February 2

I'm not a huge football fan, but I am a fan of the commercials and trailers that air during the non-football moments of the Super Bowl. These movies are gonna be awesome, y'all.

Fast & Furious 7

I know watching this movie is going to be really hard (R.I.P. Paul Walker), but I AM SO EXCITE. Excuse me while I watch it again. (And again. Aaaaaaaand again.)

Pitch Perfect 2

Whoever decided to air this during a football game and make sure to highlight the football team that is in the movie—a movie that's not really geared toward the same demographic as football fans, to be super stereotypical for a moment—should get a raise. Also: SO EXCITE.

Jurassic World

This must have aired before I turned the game on, because I didn't see it live, but still. Yay for you, Chris Pratt, and yay for the return of one of the best worst ideas in human history. (Best because the movies are super fun, worst because who would ever think—IRL—that this was a good idea?!)

Did I miss any other exciting trailers? Let me know!

P.S.—Damn, Katy Perry. Well done.

Sunday, February 1

Why hello, February

Sunday, February 1

The 2015 Man Calendar:

Mr. February: Tom Hiddleston
Mr. January: Eoin Macken

Download this page of the 2015 Man Calendar for personal use by clicking on the image; it will open in a new window. Right/control click to save it. Then print the page on letter-size cardstock, and trim it to 6"x9".

Over Coffee | 2.1.15

For your consideration:

>> I'm stocking up: Some British chocolates will soon no longer be available in the U.S.

>> I can get behind this: Emma Watson has signed on to play Belle in a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast.

>> A dose of inspiration: Authors always know the right thing to say.1

>> When to use 'em: JPEGs vs. PNGs.2

>> Who names their kid Lord Voldemort?: What it's like to share your name with Harry Potter's villain.3

>> Well, I'll be: Coffee drunk from a white mug tastes more bitter.

>> Hear, hear: The real reason why U.S. adaptations of Brit TV shows are often crap rarely succeed.

>> I'm so doing this next time I stay in a hotel: Requesting Nicholas Cage photos in your hotel room is a thing now.4

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And now, your moment of GIF:

Original sources: 1 The Bloggess' It's how the light gets in ...; 2 Habitual Homebody's Bookmark Dump: Pop-culture pillows, JPGS vs PNGS, and Puppies; 3 FYA's Procrastination Pro-Tips: Let the Valentine’s Day Links Commence; 4 Little Lady Little City's Friday Fancies; 5 my lovely friend Meredith; 6' Handmade Valentine's Gift Round Up