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Sunday, January 25

Over Coffee | 1.25.15

Sunday, January 25

I've been wanting to do a short "weekly links" blog series for a while, a place where I can share items of interest that don't fit elsewhere. (Don't worry—this won't take the place of Nerd News.) This sort of round-up post is one of my favorite things to read on other blogs, in part because they're always filled with really awesome things that I otherwise might have missed.

So, without further ado, welcome to the first edition of Over Coffee!

For your consideration:

>> This is such a great list: 12 things that are OK (contrary to popular belief). 1

>> Call Paul Revere and tell him we need him to spread some news: Red velvet Oreos are coming!

>> Star-Lord and Captain America are on opposite sides of the upcoming Superbowl, and they've placed (charity-benefiting) bets on Twitter.

>> Battling the winter blahs? Try these ideas for overcoming them.

>> Disney GIFs can be appropriate for so many things—even (semi) accurately describing one's adult life.

>> The human body's circadian rhythm matches better with Mars' (on which a day is 25 hours) than it does with Earth's. I'm not saying we're aliens, but ...

>> I always enjoy a good quote, but even more so when they're made by badass ladies. 2

>> NASA released a new image of the Andromeda Galaxy as taken by the Hubble telescope, and it's the largest and most detailed to date. (We're talking 1.5 billion pixels.) 3

Also on my mind: playing Destiny | cactus mini-gardens | colorful bamboo jars | The Clug | reading more comics, starting with volumes of Saga and Hawkeye | wishbone bracelets | metallic throw pillows | seriously solid-looking quotation mark bookends

And now, your moment of GIF:

Original sources: 1 Hiya Tootsie's Weekly Badassery for Wild Hearts and Rebel Women; 2 Nubby Twiglet's Link Love: 1.22.15; 3 The Thrift Archives' Favorite Friday Favorites


  1. I've read volumes 1 & 2. I'm still a little unnerved by the weird sexuality of the story, but ... I like the rest of it a whole lot!

  2. Ahhhh! I'm so excited that you're doing a link roundup! (#6 of those Disney gifs? Perfect xD)

  3. Understandable; it is rather in your face about it. Definitely not something I can read when my daughter is around haha!

  4. I knew Chris Evans was Boston area since some of my friends acted with him before he hit it big but it still makes sense for Captain America to align himself with 'Patriots'.

  5. Oh, totally. And that's cool that you know people who knew him!