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Sunday, February 8

Over Coffee | 2.8.15

Sunday, February 8

For your consideration:

>> Why yes, I am one of these people: 11 reasons why people who followed the rules as kids are the most fun adults.

>> Oh, Texas: A 9-year-old boy has been suspended for threatening a classmate with the One Ring.

>> Hear, hear: Why it was a "bad week to be a shitty geek."

>> Excuse me while I go find my colored pencils: Psychologists have determined that the act of coloring de-stresses adults.1

>> It's a sad day: Queen Elizabeth says she is done adopting Corgis.

>> SCIENCE!: How the smell of rain actually comes from the ground.2

>> I want to see this movie so much more now: "Jupiter Ascending Is Like Battlefield Earth Without The Excuse Of Scientology."

>> It's not "all the lonely Starbucks lovers?": Why you hear lyrics wrong (particularly that line in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space").3

>> I need to try a few of these: 100 ways you can show self-love.1

Also on my mind: Valentine's Day | industrial lighting | cooking more | cross-stitch sweaters | moon phases | The 100 | mantle decor | tattoo ideas

And now, your moment of GIF:

Original sources: 1 Hiya Tootsie!'s Weekly Badassery 01/26/15; 2 The Ann Friedman Weekly Smells like teen spirit; 3 My Life As a Teacup's Link Love


  1. I found myself a little annoyed over the Johnny Storm change... just because I feel like if you're going to make the change, at least make him match with his sister. The adoption angle just felt like a throw away excuse. Jimmy Olson on the other hand is a character who isn't tied to anyone else. I don't see how his ethnic background changes anything related to the character.

  2. I can't stop staring at that gif!

  3. Jenn and I have been laughing so hard over that One Ring story, but it's also so sad!!!

  4. That gif is hypnotizing. :D
    High five for rule followers!

  5. I can see that. But I just applaud them for trying to mix things up a bit.

  6. Exactly. I shake my head so hard at the state I live in.

  7. 1. I love the GIF.
    2. I'm glad you're reading Ann Friedman. I wish I had been friends with her in college. (I was besties with her former newspaper editor!)

    3. My picture looks really out of whack.

  8. I think I started following her because of you, so thanks for that! And the photo does look a bit wonky. :)