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Thursday, September 10

Do whatever. Be weird. It's OK! | Good thoughts from

Thursday, September 10

Online shop and purveyor of quirky-cute accessories and office supplies—in addition to their for-purchase goods—frequently shares quirky-cute downloads that aim to make life a little more fun. One of the newest struck a chord with me this morning, so I had to come share.

As someone with a lot of interests that some might consider weird, reminders like this that it's OK to be yourself—even if others might look sideways at you for it—are very important.

I try to keep in mind that "haters gonna hate," and do what I want regardless, but sometimes it's nice to have a little bit of backup, a simple reassurance that that being yourself is the very best way to be.

You can find more wallpapers here, iPhone backgrounds (including one of the above image) here, and links to additional fun stuff here.

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