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Saturday, November 14

Happy birthday, A Nerdy World!

Saturday, November 14

Today, A Nerdy World turns one! And to celebrate, I'm holding a giveaway of a few of my favorite things.

Five of you lucky ducks will win one of the items below. Please note: None of these fine companies are sponsoring this giveaway. I just like their goods a whole lot and want to spread the love.

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post. And be sure to get your entries in before Nov. 28; I'll announce the winners Nov. 30!

What you can win

1. A tank or T-shirt from Jordandené

I didn't discover the awesome that is Jordandené until this year, but I'm so very glad I did, and that the nerd gods were smiling on me the day I won a giveaway for one of their Captain America/Winter Soldier tanks. (I've since bought three more tanks—one's a gift—a T-shirt and sweatshirt.) I love the unique typographical designs, which are nerdy without being in your face, and the quality of the shirts they print on, which are so, so soft.

One winner will receive a t-shirt or tank of their choice. Visit the Jordandené website to see what's available.

2. A pin from Hello Quirky

I've been a fan of Shawna's super cute art for a while now, but not until recently did I order some items from her shop. (I've become a little obsessed with pins ... but more on that later.) I'm glad I made the purchase, and would do so again—her illustrations make for perfect companions *wink, wink* to wear on your shirts, bags, etc.

One winner will receive a pin of their choice. Visit the Hello Quirky shop to see what's available.

3. A Funko POP figurine

If you know me even a little, you know that I adore these funny little figures. I can't get enough! And, thanks to Funko's willingness to keep coming up with more lines, I don't have to.

One winner will receive a POP figure of their choice, worth around $10.

4. A hardcover or paperback book

I read—a lot. And there's very little I like more than sharing my love of books. (Side note: I'd be more than happy to offer suggestions for which book to get if you win this prize.)

One winner will receive a book of their choice, worth under $20.

5. A $10 gift card to Starbucks

Everyone loves coffee. Or tea. Or juice. (They even have water, if you really aren't a fan of anything else.)

One winner will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks; I'll choose the design from what's available.

To be honest, I haven't done as much as I wanted to do/planned to do/hoped to do with this blog, but I'm looking forward to seeing where year two leads.

Thanks so much for being a reader!

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