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Wednesday, March 9

Fancies & Fascinations | "Love Yourself"

Wednesday, March 9

I had another post written up for today, but it seems to have gone missing. While I work on redoing that post (#grumblesigh), have a confession of a new guilty pleasure that was scheduled for later this week.

Full disclosure: I dislike Justin Bieber. I find him creepy to look at (maybe it's the Miley Cyrus twin thing?), and I have never been a fan of his music (which is somewhat surprising, considering how much I love boy band music). Typically, when a song of his comes on the radio, I'll turn it to another station tout suite.

Recently, however, I found myself actually enjoying one of his songs. And then I started singing along. AND THEN I listened to his entire album—the deluxe version—and enjoyed more than one song. (I also might have listened to it more than once. I might even be listening to certain songs right now.)

I don't even know myself any more.

I posted this shameful confession on Twitter last week, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who responded "YOU TOO?!" Apparently, there's something magic about his new music. Also: I have awesome friends.

Thankfully, the song that started this whole thing—"Love Yourself"—has been turned into a pretty awesome video sans The Beibs' mug.

I also recommend "What Do You Mean"—


—and "The Feeling."

And FYI—PURPOSE: The Movement is a series of short dance "films" set to the songs from the new album. Color me impressed. (And appreciative. I just can't with your face, Justin!)

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