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Wednesday, May 4

May the 4th be with you!

Wednesday, May 4

Happy Star Wars Day!

Way back in 2011, I first designed a set of part-Valentine, part-cheesy pick-up-line e-cards to celebrate the day. Since then, I've updated them and added to the collection on a semi-yearly basis, and I added BB-8 last year based solely on the teaser for The Force Awakens (and my apparently prescient knowledge that it was going to be a big star).

Of course, after seeing the movie, I realized that there were a few other cast members of The Force Awakens who deserved their own cards, too.

Please feel free to download any (or all) of the images below to share with your nerdy friends and loved ones!

To download: Right/control click on a card; a Photobucket window will open and you can download it from there.

The Force Awakens

The Original Trilogy

FYI: Chewie's card reads "I'll let you pilot my spaceship any day." I used this translator for "accuracy."

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