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Wednesday, January 4

Welcome Home

Wednesday, January 4

You might have noticed that it's 2017—happy new year, by the way!—and I haven't yet posted the new Man Calendar. I haven't forgotten, and it's in progress, but something else held the majority of my attention over the holiday break. You see, we bought a house (!) and moved in officially December 23. Since then, life has been a lot of unpacking, reorganizing, and trips to IKEA, Home Depot and Target.

It's an exciting time for our family, and both Colt and I are enjoying being beholden to no one but ourselves when it comes to making decisions about our home. (I ripped up some baseboards in a closet the other day and it was cathartic.)

We're not nearly ready for prime time yet, but I wanted to share some photos of the inside before it was filled with boxes.

Will share more interesting photos soon!

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