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Friday, July 10

5 Fandom Friday | Five Spinoffs I'd Like to See Made

Friday, July 10

I struggled over this prompt, even though I'm positive that there are way more than five times in my life that I've wished for more from a certain character or characters. But I came up with five that I'm pretty pleased with.

Word of warning: This list is a little random, and pulls from TV, movies and books. (Are new book series in the same universe considered spinoffs? Let's just pretend like they are.)

Five Spinoffs I'd Like to See Made

5 | A new Star Trek or Stargate

I'm kind of cheating here, lumping these two shows together—and yes, I mean the TV versions rather than the movies—but I miss these shows something fierce. I liked the last iteration of Star Trek, Enterprise, (it filled a lot of plot holes from previous series in entertaining ways) but was really let down by Stargate: Universe (it was sorely lacking both silly humor and aliens). Both of these series mean a lot to me, and I'd be super happy if they just kept having new series made forever.

4 | Luna Potter and the [Blankety Blank]

Regardless of how you feel about the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, if you're a fan, there was a part of you that definitely broke inside when you realized that the books had come to an end. I'd love to learn more about Harry and Ginny as adults, and the rest of the gang we came to know and love, through the eyes of one of the Potter kids. I think having Luna be the main character—rather than James or Albus—would just be an interesting gender switch.

3 | The Paternoster Gang

Numerous spinoffs have already been made from Doctor Who, including The Sarah Jane Chronicles and Torchwood, but I'd love to see a show starring Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax. Particularly a Victorian-era steampunky one in which the three investigate mysterious incidents that have decidedly timey-wimey bents.

2 | Black Widow

I know this is a hot topic, and for a variety of reasons, but I don't understand the difficulty that surrounds making a female-led solo superhero movie. Most of the Avengers had their own movies long before they teamed up—why does Black Widow have to be relegated to secondary character land? (I'd be totally OK if Hawkeye or Winter Soldier joined her, too.)

1 | The Justin and Jimmy Variety Hour

I don't often watch Saturday Night Live, but I make sure to check in when Justin Timberlake is hosting. He's an amazing comedian, and particularly love when he and Jimmy Fallon are in a sketch together. I think a variety hour starring the two of them would be a huge hit. Or maybe, you know, when he's "bored," Justin could be like Andy Richter was on Conan O'Brien's show.

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  1. All of these are the best ideas ever. I'm convinced.

  2. Justin & Jimmy deserve their own show. I also think that Justin should do a season of SNL sometime. Just take a year off and do that, then go back to his life.

  3. I agree with Kristin. All of these are the best ideas ever.

  4. These all sound fantastic. Completely agree that the duo of Justin and Jimmy is comedy gold.

  5. <3

    Now, to get someone in the TV industry to listen.

  6. I am all for that! He's always up to try new things, it seems. So that should be right up his alley.

  7. She's very deserving. I mean, come on already.