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Friday, July 17

5 Fandom Friday | Five Things I Own That I Bought At Cons

Friday, July 17

For three years in a row, Colt and I attended San Diego Comic Con, but thanks to a work event shifting dates, we were forced to stop going. We've since tried to get tickets again, but the ticketing process is a total crapshoot. In 2012, we made it to New York Comic Con, and it was fun, but not quite the same.

Someday, we'll make it back to SDCC, but until then, we've got our fond memories—and some swag—to look back on.

Five Things I Own That I Bought At Cons

5 | Scott Pilgrim 1: Evil Edition

Excuse me while I digress a moment, but one of the best memories of any con experience ever was getting to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in San Diego before it was officially released. A majority of the cast was in attendance, along with Edgar Wright, and Metric played a short set after the credits rolled. It was spectacular. We didn't get this special edition that year, but picked it up later. It's completely in color, which is very cool (and also signed, what what).

4 | "Doubleplusgood" necklace

In the world of 1984, someone or something that's the best is "doubleplusgood." Not only do I love the story in 1984, but I love the sentiment behind this Newspeak word. Plus, the design is totally cute. (Full disclosure: I didn't actually buy this at a comic-con, but at BEA. But that's totally a con in my eyes, too.)

3 | Iron Man Mark VII cologne

This was one of those silly purchases that turned out to be less of a joke than expected. Mark VII smells quite nice, and Colt has worn it more than a few times on fancy nights out.

2 | A Yoda backpack

Although we already had a pretty large collection of Star Wars merch, I couldn't resist adding this dude to the mix when I saw him riding around on the shoulders of a fellow con-goer. He pretty much just hangs out (ha!) at home, rather than being used, but people never fail to comment on his coolness when they come over.

1 | "Neville would have done it in four books" T-shirt

When I saw this shirt at the TopatoCo booth, I knew I had to have it. Yes, I love the Harry Potter books as they were written, but I adore Neville Longbottom. And he totally proved his badassery in the end. (Bonus: The shirt's still available to buy if you want one of your own!)

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  1. I've had my eye on that doubleplusgood necklace for a while! I love it!

  2. It was a sort of spur of the moment purchase—what can I say, they were having a sale!—but I'm really glad I got it. All of Out of Print's merch is so dang great.

  3. I am SO jealous that you got to see the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at Comic-Con! And that you have a signed copy! That was one of the years I missed SDCC because my friend was supposed to be getting married that week... and then she ended up getting married earlier (and I just had my wisdom teeth taken out so I couldn't even go) >__<

  4. Bwahaha these are all awesome!

  5. Aw, man! I'm sorry. That's no fun at all.

    I think we got the Evil Edition at NYCC, actually. Hopefully you'll have another chance!

  6. That HP shirt! Fabulous! Would love that Iron Man cologne for my hubs too - he'd get a kick out of it!

  7. Thanks! And yes, it's quite fun to own. I'm not sure if it was a con exclusive or not ... you might be able to find it somewhere online!