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Friday, October 30

Funko Friday | If I Could Only Keep One Funko ...

Friday, October 30

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have fun things planned for Halloween. I still have yet to figure out costumes, but ... I digress. And I'm back with another edition of Funko Friday, this time talking about:

If I Could Only Keep One Funko ...

Today's prompt asks, basically, "which Funko can you not live without?" For me, that's this guy, a 2012 San Diego Comic Con-exclusive Loki from The Avengers.

Funko Fridays hosted by and dePepi.comThis Loki isn't the only Loki POP! I own, but he's definitely the most special. I wasn't at SDCC the year he was available, but I found him later on eBay. I added him to my wishlist on a whim, but wasn't expecting anyone to buy him for me (as he wasn't the cheapest POP! on the block).

But The Mister's sister and brother-in-law are amazing family members—and friends—and surprised me with him one Christmas. Now, he has a place of honor among my Loki shrine, and his odd little tilt of the head makes me smile every time I see him.

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