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Friday, October 16

Funko Fridays | Once Upon a Funko

Friday, October 16

Funko Fridays hosted by and dePepi.comAlthough I haven't participated since last month—I'm not done with 5 Fandom Friday. Life's been a bit busy, with vacation, work, non-work work, etc. I'll participate again ... but not this week.

This week, I'm taking part in Funko Fridays, a new blogging prompt project created and hosted by Kimi of Kimi Who? and Pepi of de pepi. The project is all about celebrating love for Funko collectibles—which I have in spades.

The most well-known of Funko's product lines is certainly the ever-expanding POP! Vinyl collection ( ... of which we own around 40 ...), but the company offers many more lines, one of which I'll be talking about today.

Once Upon a Funko

Today's prompt is all about your first Funko. I actually received my first Funko item long before I knew about the company.

These are three of our Wacky Wobblers. (We also have Bossk, 4-Lom, and a Tie Fighter Pilot, but they're in a box in a closet, and—sorry—I didn't feel like digging through that mess.) The Wacky Wobbler line is a line of semi-realistic (think caricatures) bobbleheads. These we received as a Christmas gift nearly a decade ago, and they quickly received a place of honor in our Star Wars-decorated kitchen.

My tastes lean much more toward the cute side of things (hence the 40 POP!s), so I don't know that I'll be adding to our Wacky Wobbler collection, but I do love these three gents.

Learn more about Funko Fridays.

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