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Tuesday, December 15

Nerd News | Star Trek Beyond and The 100 trailers

Tuesday, December 15

It's been an absolute smorgasbord of trailers recently—but I'm certainly not complaining! This new teaser trailer for Star Trek Beyond came out yesterday, and I'm totally treating it like a belated birthday gift.

I'm honestly relived. It looks like so much fun! And the trailer is both action-packed and a little goofy, which is, honestly, what I want from my Star Trek movies. (No more of that "too serious" Star Trek Into Darkness business, please.) 

The combination of the teaser, plus Justin Lin (the director, who also directed Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6) and Simon Pegg (who helped with the script) makes me super hopeful. (Perhaps the new franchise just has the opposite issue of the first movies?)

THIS also came out yesterday:

Me, currently:

The riches, you guys! They are bountiful.

Also of note:

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