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Friday, December 11

Nerd News | X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

Friday, December 11

I was all ready to go with a Funko Friday post today*, but then this happened:

I am so, so glad that this franchise got rebooted, and continues to be awesome. X-3 is one of the worst/most frustrating movies I've ever seen, and to know that it's now been completely overwritten with something awesome makes my little nerd heart gleeful beyond belief.

*You'll see it later, I'm sure.

Also of note:
  • This amazing mashup mixes the Captain America: Civil War trailer with Adele's "Hello." I dare you not to get (more) emotional.
  • A new trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released earlier this month. My thoughts on it pretty much boil down to " ... at least we get Wonder Woman?"
  • While we're talking trailers, a trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 came out yesterday. I still haven't seen the first one.
  • These amazing sneakers have customizable digital side panels. MIGHTY NEED.

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