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Friday, January 15

5 Fandom Friday | Five Areas In Which I'm Going To Challenge Myself In 2016

Friday, January 15

It's been a rough week, guys, as I'm sure you all know. But I'm taking today's 5FF post as opportunity to look ahead, rather than dwell. I've changed the prompt slightly—the official one was "5 Ways I'm Going To Take Chances In 2016"—but the gist is still the same.

Five Areas In Which I'm Going To Challenge Myself In 2016

5 | Community

The friends I've made through online communities, blogging, and writing for FYA/being a part of my local FYA Book Club are some of the most genuinely wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I want to put forth even more effort into being a part of these various communities, and giving back to them, too.

4 | Creativity

I consider myself a creative person, and I love to DIY and craft. But I haven't really made the time recently to play, and my list of "someday" projects (and my Pinterest ideas boards) just keeps getting bigger. I received a hand lettering book for Christmas, and a chalk lettering book for my birthday, so I have a place to start.

3 | Health

Real talk: I'm comfortable in my own skin ... until I see myself in a mirror or in a photograph. But I hate working out. I strongly believe that people can be fit and beautiful at any size, but I'm currently not as fit or healthy as I could be. I want to push myself to find some sort of exercise that I enjoy, eat better, sleep better, but worry less about the number on the scale or on a clothes tag.

2 | Love

I want to talk more about this one in-depth in a separate blog post (love is my word for 2016), but basically: I want to love more, and love better. I want to show the important people in my life just how much they mean to me, from my friends and family to my husband. But I also want to make an effort to better love myself, as I'm the absolute worst at self-love.
1 | Time-Management

This is something I've struggled with my entire life, and my issues with time-management are compounded by the fact that I'm both a procrastinator and tend to take on numerous projects at once. I want—nay, need—to make an effort to better balance all parts of my life. I put this at number one on this list, because it's the biggest hindrance to all of the other equally important areas I want to work on.

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