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Tuesday, January 19

Nerd News | Planet gazing

Tuesday, January 19

For those of you interested in space-related news items:

In an occurrence that would have freaked out more astrologically-inclined civilizations, five planets will be visible in the southern sky starting January 20. Pre-dawn risers will be treated to a view of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter from January 20 until February 20.

The only planets not visible will be the distant trio of Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. While Neptune and Pluto can only be seen via telescope, careful observers will be able to spot Uranus in dark conditions.
I'm not promising that I'm going to get up "pre-dawn" and head out into the country to see this show, but it's very tempting. Space is awesome, and since I'm pretty sure no one's ever going to offer to buy me a trip off-planet, I'll have to take what I can get.

This GIF is only tangentially related to the news, but it is AMAZING, and it is new to me, so it had to be included.

Also of note:
  • You can watch the first minute of first new X-Files episode. Not particularly spoilery, unless you didn't know it was happening?
  • Hot Guys Holding BB-8 is the best new Tumblr on the block.
  • Over the weekend, a shelter cat that looks like Adam Driver blew up the Internet, and was adopted.
  • This might be our first look at the entire Justice League from the DC movieverse. It's, uh, gritty?

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