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Tuesday, June 27

Haiku Revieu | Wonder Woman

Tuesday, June 27
Wonder Woman

Amazon badass
She needs no man (except Steve ...)
So much girl power

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons and trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

Thanks to vacation and then a nasty cold, I didn't get to see Wonder Woman until more than a week after it came out. (That might seem like not a lot of time, but it's unusual for me with this sort of movie.) I tried my best to avoid spoilers, but couldn't help hearing the many, many positive feelings about the film, from both critics and friends. Those opinions bolstered my already high hopes for the movie, and—for the most part—I wasn't at all disappointed.

I really liked the way the movie was an origin story, but didn't feel completely removed from the rest of the DC movie universe (regardless of how I feel about those movies). Having Diana basically intro the story tied this movie, which is a historical piece, to Wonder Woman's intro in Batman v. Superman. Thankfully, because it was a historical piece, it stands on its own two, powerful feet. The WWI setting was also a pretty dang perfect backdrop for Diana's introduction to humanity, both its pros and cons. (Even though I've seen confusion over the whole Steve/Steve thing. 😜)

Gal Gadot was wonderful in the role of Diana. I'll totally admit to having reservations about her, but I also know when to admit that I was wrong. The way she played Diana as both fierce and more than a little naive was delightful. I found myself wanting to protect her from the evils of mankind at the same time that I was realizing she needed absolutely none of my help.

I loved seeing Themyscira, and the women who live there. They're unbelievably beautiful, and enviably strong, both physically and mentally. Their fight scene at the start of the film was jaw-dropping, and made me especially proud to be a woman (who might be capable of such skill and grace, given the opportunity).

Chris Pine's Steve Trevor was also fantastic. I've enjoyed Chris' past roles, but he's never been at the top of my Chris Ranking—until Steve Trevor. I appreciate how, even though he's a main character, he never overshadows Diana. (One of the many excellent feminist parts of the movie.) Although he begins the movie as a pretty typical dude, he's quick to realize how much he can step back and let her do her thing and offer support as she might need it.

My only complaints about the movie revolve around the villain, some of the CGI, and the fight scene at the end of the film. Working backwards: The fight scene felt overly produced, in a typical Zack Snyder sort of way. The CGI at times was really awful, particularly when Diana was leaping or fighting. She's a superhero, yes, but she can't stop time/pause mid-air for emphasis. And the reveal of the villain, although unexpected, felt strange. And—highlight for spoilers—David Thewlis' mustache was SUPER distracting. It was fine in WWII, but did Ares really sport that style of 'stache way back when? Methinks no.

Am I now waiting with baited breath for Justice League? Not at all. But I have a strong feeling that Wonder Woman will be the best part.

Check it out:

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