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Tuesday, March 17

Fancies & Fascinations | Adagio Teas' fandom blends

Tuesday, March 17

I've seen/heard about Adagio Teas' fandom blends for years, but never got around to trying them until lately. Boy, was I missing out!

Adagio's fandom blends are tea blends inspired by or based on pop culture (TV shows, movies, books, video games, etc.) created by fans. And, if you can believe it, there are more than 70,000 blends available on Adagio's site. Thanks to my new friend Chris, I was recently able to sample a few blends inspired by Sherlock and Harry Potter. They were delish, so I decided to buy some for myself.

Per usual, I might have gone a little bit overboard in ordering, but you never know what you're going to like until you try it, right? I was also drawn in by the fact that many of the blends are by Cara McGee, and feature her art. Tea + nerdy fandoms + great art = irresistible.

Sherlock Sampler

Mycroft | black, rooibos vanilla chai and cream teas with cinnamon bark, ginger root, cloves, orange peels, cardamom, natural chocolate flavor, dark chocolate chips and cocoa nibs
Sherlock | lapsang souchong, assam melody and oriental spice teas with orange peels, cinnamon bark, ginger root, cloves, cardamom
Lestrade | gunpowder, pu erh dante and hazelnut teas
Mrs. Hudson | assam melody and almond teas
Molly Hooper | chamomile, dewy cherry and snowbud teas with rose hips, hibiscus flowers, apple pieces and dried cherries
Watson | assam melody, irish breakfast, cinnamon, earl grey green and ceylon sonata teas, with orange peels and blue cornflowers

Doctor Who Sampler + TARDIS blend

10 | chocolate and irish breakfast teas with chocolate chips and marigold flowers
9 | gunpowder, chestnut and irish breakfast teas with aniseed and cinnamon
11 | assam melody, vanilla and coconut teas, with dried coconut
Rory Williams Pond | irish breakfast and vanilla green teas
River Song | earl grey moonlight, coconut and rooibos lemon cloud teas with orange peels, blue cornflowers, lemon grass, marigold flowers and dried coconut
Amy Pond | orange, cranberry and rooibos vanilla chai teas with cinnamon bark, ginger root, orange peels, cloves, cardamom and raspberry leaves
TARDIS | earl grey bravo, blackberry and vanilla teas with orange peels and blue cornflowers

Avengers ("Hero Recovery") Sampler

Double Agent | lapsang souchong, assam melody and currant teas with raspberry leaves
Stars & Stripes | spiced apple chai, almond and assam melody teas with cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamom, cloves, orange peels and apple pieces
Sharp Shooter | thai chai, assam melody and gunpowder teas with ginger root, cinnamon bark, dried coconut, lemon grass and cardamom
Mean & Green | earl grey green, green pekoe and chamomile teas with orange peels and blue cornflowers
Exiled | toasted mate, ceylon sonata and black teas with apple pieces, marigold flowers and apricots
Playboy | lapsang souchong, ginger and tiger eye teas with ginger root and cocoa nibs

Loki ("Adopted") blend

Adopted | Gunpowder, spearmint, rooibos and jasmine teas

Guardians of the Galaxy blends

Tree | green chai, hojicha and kukicha teas with raspberry leaves and lemon verbena
What's a Raccoon? | mambo, hazelnut and lapsang souchong teas with apricot and red peppercorn
Pelvic Sorcery | almond, cream and tiger eye teas with chocolate chips, cinnamon and sprinkles
Vengeance | lapsang souchong, gingerbread and candy apple teas with aniseed, ginger and cocoa nibs
Surrounded by Idiots | spiced green, thai chai and vanilla green teas with red peppercorn and cocoa nibs

I haven't tried them all yet, but the ones I have tried have been, for the most part, very tasty!

Want a $5 to try some of your own*? Leave your email in the comments and I'll send you a coupon.

*And help me earn points toward future discounts.


  1. I've loved the ones I bought! We definitely need a tea party in the near future.

  2. These are amazing!!! I'd love to try some out if you wanna shoot a coupon my way! ( I've heard of Adagio around the interwebs, but I'd never checked out their idea they had stuff like this. Awesome!

  3. I haven't ordered from them in a while, but I love Adagio's teas! Reichenbach Recovery is a fave :)

  4. Oh man, hook me up! Been meaning to try these and I'll help a nerdy gal out. Email is

  5. Those are awesome! I've never heard of Adagio, but I love tea! (

  6. Sent! :) There are SO MANY awesome sounding blends, and I'm sure their "normal" tea is great, too!

  7. I'll have to sample that one next order! I went a little overboard this time, so it might be a bit, but that's part of the fun. I'm really pleased at how much comes in the little sample tins!

  8. Sent! :) I know other bloggers who have tried their tea, but I kept getting reminded of it thanks to following Cara McGee's work on Instagram. Perhaps next time I'll order from someone else, haha. But her art is just so dang cute!

  9. Sent! Hope you find something fun. :)

  10. We shall have to plan! :)

  11. i have never heard of this tea company (which is nuts since i'm tea crazy) but i love Cara's artwork. so cool to see it being recognized. i'd love to try some out if you can coupon me young lady (rss1138 @ gmail. com)