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Thursday, March 26

Fancies & Fascinations | Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Chain

Thursday, March 26

My friend Meredith introduced me to this project yesterday, and I immediately signed up.

A little backstory: Litographs, a company that creates awesome shirts, art and more from the text of famous books, created a Kickstarter to launch a new line of temporary literary tattoos. The Kickstarter perks included being a part of the world's longest tattoo chain; backers would receive a unique tattoo with a small piece of Alice and Wonderland on it, and were asked to put it on and take a picture, which they then were to share. The pictures have been combined, in order, to create a readable story out of body art.

The Kickstarter was such a success that they opened the project to the public, and expanded the project to the Alice in Wonderland sequel, Through the Looking Glass.

For $5, you, too, can take part in the project. There are only about 400 spots left (out of 5000), so be sure to jump in now if you're interested!

I'll be sure to share my tattoo once I've received it and taken a photo.