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Sunday, March 15

Over Coffee | 3.15.15

Sunday, March 15

For your consideration:

>> Fascinating! Meet Olive Oatman, "the girl with the tattooed face."

>> The movie looks terrible, but these, these are golden. Vince Vaughn and Co-stars Pose for Idiotic Stock Photos You Can Have for Free.1

>> Thou Teareth Up My Heart. 'N Sync + Shakespeare.

>> I'd have put FDR higher on the list. A ranking of U.S. presidents from hot to not.2

>> I got 11. The Online Color Challenge determines how well you see color.3

>> Move aside Mr. Jackson. "A Campaign to Put a Woman on the Twenty-Dollar Bill."3

>> You do you, ladies. "On Being a Badass."

>> This sounds a little too easy. (But I dig it.) By following these three steps, you can achieve something big.5

Also on my mind: The 100's season finale (and the future of Bellarke) | Churro dogs | grilling (on our new grill!) | neon forever | gummy bears | smoky under-eye | tree stumps | black flatware | Chia seeds

And now, your moment of GIF:

Original sources: 1 My mister; 2 Author (and all-around awesome person) Mary Weber; 3 Of A Kind's Our Deal Diaries; 4 The Ann Friedman Weekly's Bad B!tches Only; 5 Hiya Tootsie's Weekly Badassery


  1. I score an 8. My sister's been telling me that I have to start watching The 100. I'm a bit behind.

  2. I'm glad that Polk was so high. I love the TMBG song about him.

  3. Excellent score!

    And you should totally watch it. Both seasons have been short, so it won't take long for you to catch up! :D It's a ridiculously good (and ridiculous) show.

  4. I appreciate him being involved in the creation of Oregon, my home state. And his baby blues aren't so bad either. ;)