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Monday, April 27

Haiku Revieu | Kingsman: The Secret Service

Monday, April 27
Kingsman: The Secret Service

Comic book James Bond
Darcy is an action star
So many fun suits

A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.

This review is very late—two months to the day that I actually saw this movie. But it might help you decide if you want to watch it when it becomes available on demand/on Netflix/at a Redbox?

I was excited to see this movie before it came out, thanks in part to the combination of Colin Firth and Matthew Vaughn (who's had a hand in movies such as X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past). Colin is, well, Colin—how can you not love the man who's played roles such as Mr. Darcy, Mark Darcy and Jaime (Love Actually)—and Matthew Vaughn has a great track record of doing comics justice on the big screen.  Also: How has Colin Firth never been in an action movie? He was absolutely delightful as the James Bond-ish Harry Hart. Taron Edgerton, who plays the movie's "unrefined, but promising street kid" recruit, also does a fabulous job. I see big things in his future.

I've never read the comics that this movie is based on, but the idea of a secret British government agency who use fancy gadgets and are impeccably trained is a fun one, if not completely unique. But this isn't your typical James Bond story; it's much less serious and much more ridiculous—particularly the fight scenes. As someone who gets a huge kick out of over-the-top action scenes, however, the ridiculousness is a major pro rather than a con.

There's one major flaw to the movie that left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, and that's an uncomfortable sexual encounter that happens near the end. I'm sure it was meant as an edgy nod to the idea of Bond Girls, but it just seemed crass and out of place in an otherwise fun movie.

Still, I'd recommend Kingsman to anyone who enjoys comic adaptations/action movies. Just don't bring the (young) kids.

Check it out:


  1. I saw the movie in theaters way back when as well. And agree with your take. I enjoyed the movie for what it was, up till that scene, which had me leaving the theater shaking my head and wondering why on earth they included it.

  2. I agree about all your comments. Such a great movie (but that scene really didn't add anything to the movie).

  3. Oh my god, that bit at the end pretty much ruined the movie for me. The movie wasn't great as far as portrayal of women anyway, but it was at least still fun up until then. That end scene took it over the edge. You're spot-on in calling it crass and out of place.

  4. Thank you! I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone in this. It was SO GOOD and then ... that. :P

  5. Glad to hear it. I hope this opinion is taken into consideration—I'm guessing it wasn't just us who thinks this way—if they make a sequel.

  6. Seems like the consensus, at least in this comments chain (and with other people I've spoken to). I just don't get it. I've not read the comics—perhaps it was pulled from the comics? Still, that's no excuse. I'm just trying to figure it out.