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Friday, August 21

5 Fandom Friday | Five Crossovers That Would Cause My Heart to Explode

Friday, August 21

The idea of crossovers is a fun one. Having your favorite characters from disparate TV shows/movies/books/etc. who you just know would get along well meeting in real life? What's not to love?

When I first read this topic, I got really excited. And then ... I got stuck. I wasn't quite sure what kind of crossovers I'd really like to see. (SuperWhoAvengeTorchLock is fun to look at in GIF form, but I'm not sure it would really work all that well.) But after thinking on it a while, I came up with these.

Five Crossovers That Would Cause My Heart to Explode

5 | Torchwood and Sherlock

Although seeing Sherlock meet the Doctor would be entertaining, I think it would make a bit more sense for the Torchwood team to have a run-in with the investigative duo of Sherlock and Watson. I can clearly picture Captain Jack Harkness drooling over Sherlock and Ianto commiserating with Mrs. Hudson about all they do for their teams that never gets recognized.

4 | Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow

If only because Orlando Jones—who plays Captain Frank Irving and is a massive Supernatural fan—wants it to happen so badly.

3 | Mass Effect and Dragon Age

This is likely the most ridiculous of the bunch, seeing as Dragon Age and Mass Effect take place in extremely disparate times/realms. But after seeing this image, I knew I needed it. (Yes, it's more of a mash-up than a crossover, but you get the idea.)

2 | The X-Men and Star Trek: The Next Generation

This has actually already happened, in book form. The 1998 novel Planet X tells the story of a meeting between the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and the X-Men. It's a pretty ridiculous story, but there is a moment in which someone comments on how much Captain Picard and Professor X look alike, which makes me gleeful to no end.

1 | Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Avengers, Torchwood and Sherlock

I lied! I would love to see SuperWhoAvengeTorchLock happen, "it would never work" be damned.

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