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Thursday, August 27

Nerd News | Galaxy Quest headed to Amazon

Thursday, August 27

By Grabthar's Hammer!*

According to Entertainment Weekly, a Galaxy Quest series is in the works at Amazon.

Not much to go on, yet, but:
Amazon Studios is developing a series based on the beloved 1999 cult sci-fi hit, EW has learned exclusively.

The streaming outlet is partnering with producer Paramount Television on the project. Last April, media outlets reported that Paramount was shopping a Galaxy Quest title to prospective buyers. ...

The show’s development is at an early stage. It’s not clear if members of the film’s cast will be sought for the show, or if the series will be a complete reboot. The film had some major (and tough to get) names among the NSEA Protector crew—including Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen, Alan Rickman and Sam Rockwell.

Behind the camera, however, the crew is very much the same. The film’s co-writer Robert Gordon will pen the script and executive produce the pilot. The film’s director Dean Parisot will direct and executive produce. And executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are on board as well. (You might say they never gave up, never surrendered).

I love Galaxy Quest, and have long hoped that we'd see the show back on the big screen, but I'd be pretty content with a small-screen/computer-screen version, as long as it's done well.

*No, I am not original, but it had to be said.

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