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Wednesday, August 5

Nerd News | Deadpool trailer (and trailer trailer)

Wednesday, August 5

Disclaimer: The videos below are NSFW for language and violence (natch).

Yesterday, we got a trailer for the Deadpool trailer:

To which I say: All the heart eyes for calling out the studio on the last "attempt" at including Deadpool in a movie*.

Last night, we got the actual trailer:

Which makes me even more gleeful, because of that crack against Green Lantern*. Oh, and the ridiculous action. (I can't help it; I find that sort of over the top graphic violence hilarious. I know, there's something wrong with me ... but I'm OK with it.)

I know so little about Deadpool—other than his penchant for violence and mouthing off—but the promotion for this movie is making so very excited. The marketing team is definitely having fun, and it really seems like everyone involved has worked really hard to get it right this time.

*If you didn't see X-Men Origins: Wolverine ... you really needn't bother.
**You don't really need to see Green Lantern either.

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